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As you guys might now, this coming up Tuesday Nov 3rd it’s my Birthday. I truly and honestly thank God for another blessing day. But the most beautiful thing is to always thank your family, your friends, your soulmate for always being there for you. I am more than grateful for all the love and support through out anything. May you all have a blessing day. Soon new pictures about my Bday experience. LOVE YOU GUYS.



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After so many requests from friends,family, and people. It is with a of respect and happiness to open my own Blog. Today I am going to introduce “Diamond Treasure. On this website I would like to share with you a little bit of:
-Make up
-And other ideas.spark12qkec5 The name and the title as well as the person that I am.
Since I was a kid, my mother used to sell make up back in the day (80’s). And as a little Eny running around I would go under my mom’s purse and get all the make up I could as well as the new deliveries she had received. Go figure, since I was a “Super Star”, LOL I remember I would take out the lipsticks, the eye liners, the mascara etc and would figure out how to look at my self in the top counter of the mirror since I was 4 yrs old I was too tiny to even reach at the top. No matter what Ahh ha!!!! I got it and I was wearing make up. LOL As the years passed by, Somethings never changed. Until this day, I love make up and fashion. I love anything that is so cute and so girlie.And my most truthful passion Dancing*
As far as the name here goes the story behind the title:
Diamond: My mom had always loved “Pearls”, that’s her passion…. I had always loved Diamonds. My mom always spoils me that during Christmas or my many college graduations that’s all I received my “Blue Roses” and my Diamonds or sometimes Pearls.


Now the word “Treasure”, until this day she calls me her little most precious treasure her baby her Eny. She even made up a “Treasure Poem”, that I have to upload for you guys with her picture. My mother is one of the biggest inspirations in my life. I always look up to her. I LOVE YOU MOM.

And a big shout to my grandparents that with out them, I would not be who I am today. Specially my grandma,I would like to dedicate for now and for ever “Roses”, because as usual when I was a kid I messed up tons of them in the garden, that’s why…. I am also known for my famous blue rose. My favorite color is HOT PINK and ROYAL BLUE, so there won’t be no Rose with out being “Blue Rose”. In memory of my grandma, I just want to tell you that I thank you for giving me one of the most precious symbols in my life and that is my blue rose and your beautiful roses. I LOVE YOU grandma.

Never the less…….
DiamondTreasure was for every woman out there that wants to keep in touch with their femenine side. Thanks to my 2nd home “Ulta and Sephora”, I would like to finally acknowledge that, if it wasn’t for them…… and the many clients coming up to me for consultation when I don’t work there it made me realize that it was time to open my own website. I am a artist, a dancer, I used to model, and ofcourse a super fun person. I would love to share my ideas, and why not some information about the fashion, make up, self-steem and of-course BEAUTY world.

I would like to thank every one that encouraged me, to come up with this type of blog. Thanks to the clients at ULTA and SEPHORA. Thanks to the people online, for their support.

I hope you guys like “Diamond Treasure”, because every girl is a “Diamond” ask Ms.Marilyn Monroe and Rihanna. And every one is always a “Treasure”, ask my mom. LOL
This is for all of you guys and I hope you guys enjoy this Blogger!!!
Much Love,




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